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Parameter Included : 11

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CBC with graph, ESR, Dengue (NS1), Malaria Antigen, Typhoid (IGG & IGM), Widal Test, SGOT, SGPT, Urine Routine, Urine Culture

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Test Details (Parameter Included : 11)

  • CBC with graph
  • ESR
  • Dengue (NS1)
  • Malaria Antigen
  • Typhoid (IGG & IGM)
  • Widal Test
  • SGOT
  • SGPT
  • Urine Routine
  • Urine Culture


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About Fever Panel Test Package

To detect the causes of fever, a person can go with the fever panel test package. This package includes all those factors which may cause fever like malaria, typhoid, dengue, Etc.

Why do you need to do a Fever Panel test?

There are several reasons for which person can prefer the fever panel test. Not only for fever, but it also detects the probability of other diseases. Sometimes doctor also refers to this test to know the actual and exact cause of fever.

Benefits of Lab Test

Quality of test: we all prefer that lab that constantly works with various types of tests, so we have a great team for every checkup.
Book Test as Home: We also provide an option to our customers to get your test from your home so that they can prevent us from the harmful environment of the outside.
Affordable costs: You get the best packages and also save a huge amount from our discounts.
A large number of individuals have an interior warmth level of about 98.6°F (37°C). Anything a degree over this is seen as a fever. Fevers are regularly a sign that your body is battling off some bacterial or viral infection. Viral fever is any fever that is achieved by a secret viral disorder.
A collection of viral infections can impact individuals, from the typical cold to flu. A below-average fever means that various viral pollutions. In any case, some famous pollutions, similar to dengue fever, can cause a higher fever.

What causes viral fever?

Viral fever is achieved by sickness with contamination. Diseases are little compelling trained professionals. They pollute and copy inside the cells of your body. A fever is your body's technique for warding off disease. Various contaminations are sensitive to shifts in temperature, so an unexpected development in your inner warmth level makes you less neighborly to diseases.
There are various ways that you can get polluted with contamination, including:
Internal breath. If someone with viral sickness sneezes or hacks near you, you can take in drops containing the disease—occurrences of viral illnesses from internal breath fuse occasional flu or typical infection.
Ingestion. Food and refreshments can be polluted with diseases. If you eat them, you can develop pollution. Occurrences of viral infections from ingestion consolidate norovirus and enteroviruses.
Eats. Unpleasant little animals and various animals can pass on contaminations. In case they attack you, you can develop an illness. Occurrences of viral infections that result from snacks consolidate dengue fever and rabies.
Natural fluids. Exchanging common fluids with a viral sickness can move the infirmity—cases of this sort of viral defilement fuse hepatitis B and HIV.

How is a viral fever examined?

Both viral and bacterial defilements habitually cause equivalent results. To investigate a viral fever, an expert will most likely start by blocking a bacterial infection. They can do this by pondering your appearances and clinical history, like venturing through any guides to assessment for organisms.
For example, if you have a touchy throat, they may clean your throat to test for microorganisms that cause strep throat. If the model returns negative, you likely have a viral tainting.
They can, in like manner, take an illustration of blood or other normal fluid to check for explicit markers that may show a viral infection, for instance, your white platelet count.

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